Hallelu Atlanta

"Before we continue, I have to give props to the fabulous Rachel Leah Cohen, who not only worked backstage and dealt with all the talent...but delivered a darling monologue about what a gift it was to come home to her original ‘hood of Atlanta and witness this communion...mark my words, that girl’s got the moxie to bring her L.A. dreams to life"

Pizza Man

"Cohen & Dever deliver finely etched performances of loveable troubled women in search of answers and find them in one traumatic and entertaining evening"
-Carl Charroux, Director- 2 Guys
"First Miss Cohen and Miss Dever make you laugh, then they make you care.  They can even make a grown man cry!  Pizza Man is a delicious slice of theatre"
-Stanley M. Garner, Director - Los Angeles Opera


"The fluid 90-minute show was directed Rachel Leah Cohen, who expertly included collages of Bikel from his 2,000 stage performances as Tevye in 'Fiddler on the Roof,' plus memorable film roles in, 'My Fair Lady,' 'The African Queen' and his Academy Award-nominated Southern sheriff performance in 'The Defiant Ones"
-David Finnigan, The Jewish Journal