Actors, hosts, best friends, and general mischief-makers, Juliana Dever and Rachel Leah Cohen have been finishing each other’s sentences AND sandwiches, all while teasing each other endlessly about their ‘odd couple’ idiosyncrasies, for the last 14 years.

In Development: As actors Juliana and Rachel are always seeking to develop material that plays to their dynamic.   Currently they are working on both international and domestic travel shows as well as a scripted single camera comedy.


Born in NJ and raised in Atlanta, GA, Rachel was teased by a boy who said she was "being dramatic" back in the 7th grade, thus launching both Rachel's acting career as well as her lifelong struggles with the opposite sex. 

Having a successful career in both film and television, Rachel is character actress that consistently guests on popular shows. Recent film and TV credits include Fist Fight with Charlie Day and Tracy Morgan, The Goldbergs, and Conan. Online she’s starred in the Funny or Die sketch Realistic Black Mirror and YouTube Red’s Sing It.  She also performs all over the US with the Netflix show MORTIFIED (live version), where she reads on stage the intimate secrets of her diaries from 7th grade.  Her piece quickly became a favorite among the show creators.

Wanting to experience more than her own backyard, Rachel spent half of her college years in other parts of the globe including the Middle East, Europe, and the UK, and she speaks fluent Hebrew.  After college Rachel toured with a theatre company and has been to every state in the USA, which is her claim to fame.  Well, that and that she won a 15 day Panama Canal Cruise on THE PRICE IS RIGHT. 



Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Juliana Dever moved to Los Angeles where she began her life as a professional actress, world traveler and rescue-dog lover.

As an actor Juliana is best known as “Jenny Ryan” on ABC’s hit show Castle, along with guesting on other shows including Scandal and Criminal Minds.  As a host, she’s presented on a local travel show for NBC called “Your LA” in which she interviewed chefs, artists, and event coordinators, helping Angelenos find hidden gems around their own city.  She has already built up a twitter following of over 38,000 fans that regularly follow her explorations and ask her for travel tips.

Juliana has been enlisted by the Tourism Boards of several countries, tweeting out the high points to her fans and followers. Among them, she has promoted the town of Bergen in Norway, highlighted activities in Bruges, Belgium and was flown to the country of Jordan to film over thirty videos encouraging travel to Amman, which will debut the summer 2014.

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